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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Reading, and a brotherly farewell

After quite a long day, it's time to say goodnight. Emma has actually managed to fall asleep; though that is sure to change, and soon. Skye sits alongside me reading a book I picked up for her at Sam's Club while on a random errand. She's on page 316 now. She reads more than I do, I think. Or at least, she has the ability to read things that I couldn't sit through for more than 5 paragraphs. Take Ivanhoe for example, a book that is easily in my Top 5 Worst Novels of All-Time is one that she finds excellent. Bah.

We're currently reading In His Steps together, the novel that began the "What Would Jesus Do?" saying before it was a bracelet or bumper-sticker or any such thing. I find it to be a good, which is saying a lot considering it's fiction--for some reason I've found myself struggling as of late to really enjoy fiction. Maybe I find myself so overwhelmed by how much there is to learn in the world today that I have lost my patience with classic fictional literature--at least for the time being. I could go for some Dostoevsky, however. As if I have time for that!

A deep friend of mine and brother in the Lord, George, is leaving Florida for medical school soon; he'll be attending American University of the Caribbean on the small island of Saint Maarten, a U.S. Virgin Island. Although we've been separated by over 1300 miles (Chicago to Florida) on a regular basis for the past four years, I feel a great part of me will be gouged out and missing when he's no longer an affordable phone call away. It gives me a much deeper appreciation for the Love of Christian fellowship as Paul expressed it in First Thessalonians 3:9-11: Night and day praying exceedingly that we might see your face . . . . I'll miss you, buddy.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Matt -

It's Diane in Florida, wandering over here from the link on Skye's page. I plan to read Ivanhoe (someday!) to find out whether I agree with her or with you...but really I just popped in with a tip for "affordable phone calls." Someone told my mom about http://www.bigzoo.com/ and we can now talk to Cindy in Hong Kong or our friends in England for $.02/minute! Wow. I did a search there for Dominica and found it's about $.20/minute...not exactly cheap, but a quick search at Google indicates Bellsouth is more like $.70, so depending on what service you use, BigZoo might be something to look into.

It's been fun getting to know Skye (and sometimes you) better through this strange electronic community. =)

4:14 PM

Blogger Matthew said...

Thanks for the reminder -- Skye had been mentioning BigZoo along this line as we used to use BigZoo for all of our long distance.

Amazing that it's 35x more expensive to call Dominica than Hong Kong! Probably has everything to do with demand, I imagine.

Thanks for the post, I am honored to have you as a visitor (there's quite a dearth of them at the moment!).

7:27 PM


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