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Monday, August 23, 2004

Scrabble and AdSense

Skye just beat me 195 to 189 in Scrabble. Laura came in at [I forget]. And I thought 'retaxed' was going to seal the deal. Hmph.

I also just completed a form to begin utilizing Google's AdSense program for this blog. I have decided to supress generic ads, so only advertisements relevant to my posts should appear. So far, I haven't been very successful at getting those relevant ads to emerge — which likely has everything to do with the fact that right now this blog is so unfocused. I wonder what Blogger/Google are thinking will be the case with personal blogs such as this one (they did approve me, after all)? Google's gmail technology seems sharp enough to pick up on the context of an email just via subject lines and short blurbs of text — why can't AdSense do a better job at reading this blog, an entry at a time?

Updated: Much to my surprise, I just received my first batch of specific ads — ironically but appropriately, ads for fighter jet screensavers and the U.S. Navy (in light of my recent post on the Chicago Air & Sea Show). Fitting, though perhaps I should take the opportunity to share my thoughts on the idea of 'Christian military service' (in short "the weapons of our warfare are not carnal").


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo, Mattster, if you don't know by now, I ought to warn you that the net effect of taxation results in subtraction, not addition. Furthermore, though I appreciate your generous typo, Laura tells me her score was not 189. ;-)

10:08 PM


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