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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Amazon rant

Amazon has officially crossed the line into the realm of stupidity. I mean no offense, but I'm thoroughly boggled at their latest notice while looking at an item:

Matthew, this item is recommended for you. Why?

Does this make any sense at all? I can understand why they'd recommend items I haven't looked at, but why on earth would they tell me that something I am looking at is recommended? Aren't I looking at it for a reason? Do they have any idea what that reason is? If it's because I'm interested in the product, then what do I care if they say it's recommended. They have 'researched' me, but unless they have an expert looking over what's in my wish list (and not just some algorithm), how does this recommendation make any sense when juxtaposed with the fact that I'm looking at the product! Duh, I'm interested--thanks for letting me know! Or maybe I'm not interested at all, and I'm just looking at a product to see what it looks like . . . in which case their recommendation just sounds very . . . dumb.

Kind of a bad post to start blogging again with, but I thought I'd seize the inspiration. Better things to come (I hope!).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy belated anniversary, Mattster! Your Windy City spun off a little hurricane, alright. Little ones grow into big ones, you know. ;-)


12:34 AM


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