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Friday, November 04, 2005

Nick Brandt

Easily the most compelling and gorgeous wildlife photography I've ever seen.

As the Editor of LensWork, Brooks Jensen, said, they "feel more like portraits than wildlife photography."

Also is some of the most expensive photography I've ever seen. Captivating.


Blogger Missy McCormick said...

Hi Nick,
I appreciate your blog! I grew up near Yosemite National Park and I am the daughter of a phenominal photographer. Ansel Adam's images of Yosemite decorated my room growing up. Keep up the great site. My best to you and your family!

9:58 AM

Blogger Anil said...

Hi Matt -- the Brandt portraits are scintillantingly gorgeous. I grew up in Kenya, so those photos certainly evoke a mood...

12:20 PM


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